Yes, you need to add a sitemap to the google search console because if you don’t then there’s no specific time when google will index your website but if you submit your website sitemap manually to the google search console then you are telling Google to index it as soon as possible. Which will help your website to index as fast as possible.

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No, not at all content quality isn’t linked to word count because there are websites that were ranking on the top with 200–300 words articles or even with a tag because word count doesn’t matter if your website had a good authority on google then you can rank with any type of content but if you don’t have any authority then you can’t even rank with 10000 words of content but if you are writing content on low competition keywords in which people hadn’t written content then there might be chances that you will be ranked after 3–6 months.

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There’s no specific number or amount that making this many blog comments per day will boost your SEO because sometimes google index some comments and sometimes don’t so there is no specific number for it and not all blog comments will be approved by the blog owner. But if you make 10–20 blog comments which were having some authority can get you at least 2–3 backlinks which will help you to boost your SEO.

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Not it’s not all illegal to watch cartoons and anime at WCOforever because the website is providing free streaming of those cartoons and anime videos and they were not charging any money.

It’s totally legal a user for to watch it online but if you consider it from the website perspective then it’s illegal because the website doesn’t have the right to do it and there will be no harm to you but it can happen that the website would be shut down by the government when they get copyright claim.

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Fullmaza is an illegal movie downloading website which provides the latest HD collection of Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Telugu movies for free.

The main website of the fullmaza was now changed into flixmaza but the original website is also shut down by the government for illegal activities.

Because providing movie downloading for free to everyone without owning the property is illegal that’s why these types of websites be shut down many times.

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How To Increase Website DA In A Month?

Most of the SEO experts will say that build quality backlinks from big websites and write great content.

But let me tell you the reality is that writing good content will never get you the backlinks from google because without backlinks from big websites your article will never show up…

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