Why we forget what life is really all about…

Why we forget what life is really all about…

In the race of the world, we go towards success, money and all those things that we want in our life but in the end, we achieved and we created our life as a mess but did we actually forgotten what life is really about…

If this sounds interesting then let’s get hop into it.

We all want to achieve something in life but did we really achieve that and if we achieve those things in life after that we are happy??

Most of us wanted to be rich and successful but going towards it we don’t remember what real life is all about.

Life is all about happiness didn’t you think that in the race of achieving something we created a mess in our life and after we achieved all those things we are not happy.

Let me tell you a story in this story a teacher gives a paper to all those students in the class and say that write it down what you want to become or wanted to be in your life or in future and they had given one hour for that after one hour later the reacher take that paper.

After checking all the papers that students had written what they wanted to be he founds that one child had written that he wanted to be happy in life and teacher get shocked and at the next day he calls that child and ask what did you misunderstood that you had to write what you wanted to become in life then the child said that sir I think that you misunderstood life.

And from that story we get that all people are in a race of achieving something in life but to achieve something we had to walk through a journey and it’s not all about achieving the goal that you wanted in life is all about how happy in the journey because if you are not happy how can you complete the journey you had started.

If you are not happy you will end up quitting the journey you had started when failure comes into your life and you will get less then what you had started with.

When we set a goal we want something and why we want something because we think that achieving something we will get to be happy in life but when we had achieved that we aren’t happy.

Many people had what they want in their life but they aren’t happy because they are so much obsessed with the goals that they don’t enjoy the journey of life.

When the king of Bhutan was asked about what was the GDP of Bhutan he replied that we don’t measure Our country GDP we measure it With GNH(Gross National Happiness).

We measure our happiness with things that we want in our life but the reality wasn’t that getting thing will get us happy yes it will make it happy but temporary basis I m not saying that you don’t have to work but do what you love and make you feel happy.

If you give a toy to a 2-year-old child he gets very excited and happy by getting the new toy but after some time, he gets bored with the same toy he was happy earlier this thing shows us that things don’t make us happy doing things that we love will make us happy.

Because at the end all that matters is how much you are happier in your life.

Remember two things in life we become successful in life by what we get in our life but we become happy by what we give.


We focus to get something in life but when we achieve it we forget about why we had started this so don’t be that human who finds their life happiness in materialistic things do those things that you love to do and be happy because at the end you can’t take anything you had.

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